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A personalized training programthat fits your busy schedule.

Get customized plans and expert coaching designed to increase your strength and mobility while preventing injuries from occurring - all on an easy-to-use app.


Meet the online training plan that addresses yourindividual needs.

Meet the online training plan that addresses your individual needs.

PTU is a cost-effective, convenient way to train on your own schedule. Through our unique personal assessment, we can pinpoint any faulty movement patterns and help you overcome any weaknesses by building a plan tailored to you. Meet the online training plan that addresses your individual needs.

Here’s what you can expect from our online training program.

  • A specific training plan geared around your specific needs that you can use at home or in your own gym
  • Access to an easy-to-use phone app that uses videos to walk you step-by-step through the proper form and technique
  • Access to your personal coach through messaging and email


Meet the online training plan that addresses yourindividual needs.

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"There are lots of apps with online workouts, but none that I have found allow the personalization and communication with a coach that this one does. The Performance Therapy app allows you to have a personal trainer in your pocket. No more excuses for not working out. My personal trainer worked with me to design a workout around my life and goals. He asked what equipment I had access to as well as what injuries or limitations. The app allowed him to put together workouts that built upon one another and my feedback shaped the next week. If I wasn't strong enough for a particular exercise I could communicate through the app and my coach could be modified my workout quickly. I highly recommend Performance Therapy University."

- Carolyn Berg

"Interactions with my coach were just enough to keep me on track without feeling hassled:) He was very responsive with any questions and comments! The workouts had a good balance of weighted and non-weighted exercise and the app was very easy to use!"

- Stephanie Marshall

"I really liked the program! It was designed well and I was able to have leg day! Since my injury I haven't been able to do legs very much, but with the programming my coach gave me I was able to do legs and feel the burn without any pain!!! I liked the app as well and that it's easy to navigate and track your workouts. I also liked that you can send messages to your coach through the app. It was very beneficial to keep the line of communication open. I felt like I could ask questions whenever I needed to and that I would get a quick response."

- Allison Busby

"Performance Therapy University was extremely helpful to me for achieving my workout goals. I am always motivated to run but am far less motivated for strength training, especially when I’m on my own. Having customized workouts scheduled for me several times a week gave me a sense of accountability and was more meaningful because I knew the workouts would help my running performance. My coach was always accessible for questions and advice and he checked in with me frequently. It was gratifying to see my strength and flexibility improve, simply from following a 30-45 minute routine a few times a week. I couldn’t be more pleased!"

- Andrea Powell

Our Trainers

Mike Danenberg
Mike Danenberg
Founder/Director - ART Specialist, Performance Therapist
Mike Danenberg
Zac Breedlove
ART Specialist, Performance Therapist
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